A Brief History

As the oldest continuing township in the State of New Jersey, the story of Woodbridge encompasses the history of America, even into prehistory!

This long heritage has been summarized here, organized into the six main periods below. Obviously, we can't include everything, but this is a work in progress. We will be adding to it and expanding the pages, so please let us know if you think we missed something or got anything wrong! 

We invite you to explore each time period and hope you will enjoy learning about our township's long and fascinating story.

Prehistoric & Paleolithic

c. 3-million years ago - 1665

Settlement & Colony

1665 - 1775

Revolution & Republic

1775 - 1800

Growth &
Civil War

19th Century

Boom, Bust &
 World Wars

1900 - 1945

Growth, Challenges & Tercentenary 

1945 - 1970