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On the misty night of February 6, 1951...

...the residents of Fulton Street in Woodbridge Township heard a thunderous crash. Opening their doors, they were shocked to find the state's deadliest train wreck spilled out over their front yards. The Pennsylvania Railroad express passenger train known as The Broker had derailed and tumbled down into the street, killing 85 and injuring hundreds more. Even some 73 years later, the scars of the event remain in the community, with harrowing tales of tragedy, heroism, and resilience. Questions remain even today about what happened and why.

History documentary producer Thomas Lynskey of HFX Studios and the Part-Time Explorer YouTube channel has created a compelling new video about this pivotal event in Township history, inspired by Association member Gordon Bond's book, "Man Failure." The Association is proud to have helped fund the remarkable computer animations used to bring the wreck to visceral life as never before, revealing insights into the physics of what happened that were impossible for even the official investigators in 1951!

Combined with analysis by historians, examinations of the wreck site, and firsthand survivor accounts, "Wreck of The Broker: The Woodbridge Train Disaster" remembers those who perished, honors those who helped, and acknowledges the scars of survivors. 

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Explore more of the story...

The Woodbridge train wreck is a story composed of many individual stories - far more than could be told even in an hour-long documentary - from survivors, victims' families, first responders, volunteers, hospital staff, and more. The documentary was based on Gordon Bond's book, "Man Failure: The Story of New Jersey's Deadliest Train Wreck." Drawn from contemporary accounts, investigation transcripts, and interviews with survivors and witnesses, it puts the reader at the center of the story, from gripping human dramas to the controversies surrounding the investigations trying to get to the bottom of a tragedy that still haunts those who experienced it. Now in its second edition, "Man Failure" includes additional stories and photos, some which have rarely been seen by the public.

$30.00 - plus tax, handling, and shipping
Softcover, 369 pages
Published by Garden State Legacy, 2021